As a start…

This blog, at first, was inspired by my friend, Josée. She writes anything and everything that crosses her mind on her own blog, that’s one thing, the other thing that inspired me is pretty much life. For the past 2 years, I’ve gone through everything an 18 year old could go through. I’ve gone through the worst, and I’ve gone through the best. And quite frankly the only thing that kept me going on is God.

Now you may think that I’m an ungrateful bastard who gives no credit to his friends, his family, everyone who has been there for him, but I do, and that’s my point when I said God. You see, he’s the one who controls that chess game, he controls life.


All in all, I’m sure I’m going to elaborate the ‘God’ topic later on in other posts, but for now, I just wanted to share a little something, among many things, that my doctor Maurice J. Khabbaz shared the other day on his facebook profile. Inspirational things that could really move the way you think

“In order to fly you need two things: 1) wings and 2) a long runway. Once you have your wings, you have to look for the most suitable runway. It is one that is not too short and not too long. But surely it has to be smooth, free of obstacles and has a free end. You run, as fast as you can, jump, thrust your wings and there you go up in the air. Some will try to stand in your way and delay your flights. Others will try to shoot you from ground once you’re up there. To the formers: “No matter how much you delay, time will come and I will fly!”. To the latters: “Try to shoot! I’m a good pilot with a good armor! Even if you hit me, your hits will not be enough to bring me down. Then, I’ll reach so high to where your bullets will no longer reach me.” … So all in all, instead of wasting your time trying to bring me down, take my hand and let’s fly together where no-one will reach us. A BON ENTENDEUR SALUT!!! ” ~ Maurice J. Khabbaz, Ph,D


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