Happy 1st independence anniversary



~Explosion at Be’r Hassan, Beirut – 19 killed

~Al Kaida adopts Be’r Hassan bombing

~Yemeni ambassador injured in Be’r Hassan bombing



I’ve been reading a history book, “The modern history of Lebanon – Kamal S. Salibi” and all I’ve been reading is Lebanese war, Lebanese disagreement, Lebanese rebellion, external interference in Lebanese affairs. All sorts of bad things, not a single sentence so far, and I mean that literally, has been to the advantage of Lebanon. What for?
We’ve been living in utter crap and mutual hate, we’ve been too busy hating on each other, because of our religion or political ideology, that we haven’t been paying attention to the Syrian refugees who need our help, to our country that needs our help due to the Syrians. We haven’t been paying attention to the fact that each day, children, women, elderly people die and no one even bats an eye. All for what? Someone wearing a cross around their neck or someone praying on Friday rather than Sunday?
And the worst part of all is that this whole dispute isn’t about different religious beliefs, it’s within the same religion. Christians fighting with Christians, Muslims fighting with Muslims, every single one of us blaming his significant other and no one bats an eye.
Everyone blames the “Dawle”, and no one even dares for change.
You’re the ones who have created that “Dawle”, you might as well stop nagging and put up with your crappy decisions and the dawle you’ve created.


“The first underlying principle of democracy is accepting the other, be it a political party, a citizen with a different opinion or a journalist expressing criticism.
It doesn’t matter if you think you are right, if you are sure you are right, what matters is they have a constitutional right to be different and we have a constitutional duty to accept it – Nicolas Sahnaoui, Minister of Telecommunications in Lebanon (11/19/2013)”


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I think his words make perfect sense.
We’re blaming them for out mistakes, but we made them. If we’re going to make things work we’re going to have to change them. Be it by striking, or by votes. Elections are the way for us to exercise what is ours by law and constitution; rule this country.
The next time you get yelled at by a soldier on a roadblock, the next time you get scammed by a bullock company, blame yourself first, change yourself second, spread that change third, and if then, that still happens, blame whoever the fuck it is you want to blame.

Today it’s Tueday, the 19th of November 2013. In exactly three days, we will be celebrating Lebanon’s 70th independence anniversary. But I’d rather not do that. Our independence isn’t ours. Our country isn’t ours and our word most certainly isn’t ours.

Once each and every single one of you, starting me, starts the change that is your own self, independence will form on its own. Once each and every single one of you, starting me, starts the spread of a neutral ideology, the ideology that states that your neighbor is your brother,
your mosque is my church, your Qur’an is my Bible and your Sheikh is my priest, that’s when democracy takes form and that’s when you’re allowed to blame someone else.
We are all sons of God, whether through the Prophet or the Messiah, we are all sons of God, we are all sons of this country, we are all one.
If we’re not one, we are none. That should be a sentence you think of every moment of your life. It will change your life. Stop being selfish, happy first independence anniversary.


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