Happy 70th independence day.



Have you read this? Have you even heard of the open letter the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, has written? I haven’t until today. His words are beautiful and his thoughts are true. Some may say it’s out of publicity and some others may say it’s for his country’s own benefits in the Middle East and Lebanon. I’m not saying otherwise. They most probably are, but why do we, Lebanese people, always have to think in a way that is not innocent and pure?
Why take his words for granted?
He may be a son of a bitch but he also may be what our country has been needing for a change, to the better. 70 Land Rovers aren’t going to stabilize our army’s arsenal or its presence in the field but the initiative counts.

If you do check the link, 166 people had replied until now, 166 people were showing their gratitude in a civilized way.
67 THOUSAND people had liked it, shared it, retweeted it and god knows what else.
I never heard a gunshot though. No one shot an RPG rocket into the sky because of what Tom Fletcher said. Wel dene ba3da b alf kheir!
Take an example here, and learn how to be civilized. If you like the speech of your so called ‘leader’ you can show gratitude in so many ways other than freaking the hell out of little kids and parents, by showing us that you have an AK 47,
and if you don’t like said ‘leader’s’ speech, you can show your disgust in ways other than shooting his supporters.

Living in a forest won’t get us anywhere. Tarzan had been running through everlasting worthless circles of being wild and savage, until British civilization, Jane that is, came to the rescue. Never have I once heard of a gun shot being the solution to anything.

We need this, Lebanon needs this. I’m sick and tired of listening to people saying stuff like “This is the 70th anniversary of having a French passport slip from our hands”
I’ve said it myself, many many times, and I’m sick of it. Not longer than a hundred years ago 12 thousand Christians and over 5 thousand Muslims killed each other, for the sake of this country, for the sake of what they thought is better, not for you to come and wish it were never here.

You want change? Be civilized, stand in line, settle your differences, preach about it, and before you know it, Swissra L Share2 will be back again.


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