A portion of recent Lebanese History – 1860


“The total loss of life within the span of three months and a space of a few miles was estimated 12,000 ; the loss of property amounted to about £4,000,000. This was the season of silk crops, vital in Lebanese economy. The damage embraced churches and monasteries.” – Hitti

So I’m taking this course at college, concerning the recent history of our beloved Lebanon. Despite the fact that I actually do love history, and despite the fact that this is a rather interesting course, there’s something that I’ve found to be true, an old saying claiming that “التاريخ يعيد نفسه ”
Personally speaking, I never really knew what that meant. Personally speaking, I never was involved in politics and personally speaking I couldn’t care less about politics. But I can’t help, as anyone else I hope, but notice the unfortunate events that are taking place in Lebanon.

The quote you saw at the beginning of this post, claiming that within 3 months 12 thousand souls were lost and over 4 million pounds of property were damaged. That’s a lot of money for the 19th century and whether a single person died or 12 thousand, a lost soul is never to be taken for granted.

Anyway, either you have no idea what I’m talking about or you know everything I’m about to say, whichever the case, bare with me.

What am I really talking about? Just try to relate the past to the current situation.
Back in the 1800’s, Lebanon was consisting of mainly 2 sects. Druze Moslems and Maronite Christians. Those 2 sects never did agree.
Back in the 1800’s, Lebanon was experiencing a “partial independence”, whether it was concerning the Emirate, the Kaemmakamiyya, or the Mutasarrifiyya. For those of you who don’t know what those are, just some different lies and names for what used to be “Lebanon being under the Ottoman rule”
Back in the 1800’s, politics was played the same way it’s played now. The big fishes being nice to each other, telling their “followers”, so to say, to be “mean” to the other “followers” of the other “fishes”, long story short that is.
Those big fishes had an even bigger fish playing a role. Europe. As seen by the Christians, France was the hero, and as seen by the Druzes, Great Britain was the hero and her Majesty soon became their highness.

Long story short, statistics show that few thousand Druzes, slaughtered a solid 10 000 Christians, Maronites.I’m a Christian. I’m a Maronite. I don’t give a damn what happened 200 years ago!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, those who were celebrating our 70th independence anniversary, what are you really happy about? It’s the same thing happening all over again! The States, the commonwealth, the French and the Russians all being nice to each other and telling their bitches to screw with us, and by bitches I mean the Salafists, Al Ka’ida, and all you could think of is “I should hate this person because he’s Muslim” and all you could think of is “This guy is supporting Samir Geagea, one of Geagea’s supporters almost killed my friend’s cousin’s grandma’s father.”

This ideology should stop. If you want to celebrate your country’s independence, I think you should celebrate your first independence first. What’s your independence? Liberate yourself from the constraint that is judging others by their ideology. Liberate yourself from the constraint that is judging others by how they worship God and whether or not they worship God, whether a guy likes girls or likes guys, this is none of your business! Your business, your duty by law is providing prosperity for your country and your people.
“But my country isn’t doing its lawful duty”
Your country’s lawful duty is your duty.
Your country is you!
Stop blaming “L Dawleh” over just about everything! The Dawleh itself is you! It is by democratic constitution that we elect SOMEONE WHO DOES A GOOD JOB AT RULING THIS COUNTRY, a duty for us. But all we can see is a form of hereditary government. Maybe not the president, but who cares? The president is a puppet, whoever he is, to every other political party. And you still blame the Dawleh.

I can’t stress enough over the point of you improving yourself and your significant other before thinking of changing the Dawleh. Stop wanting to change the Dawleh. Change yourself, then the Dawleh will follow your footstep.

Think smart, instead of saying “Hal amerkene l mabhoul”, hal mabhoul is able to drink water from his toilet, because of you.
Instead of saying “Hal serlankiyyeh l san3a”, hal san3a is for the very least doing something honorable to feed her family instead of blaming people she shouldn’t blame.

You want change, I want change. Concerning me, it’s starting. When will you start?


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