You don’t get what you don’t giveback

You know what the ironic thing about my blog is? It’s called “unidentified marvel” yet I keep talking about how crappy and not-marvelous, this world is. To those wondering what I meant by unidentified, it’s this place. This community this place and this world. Elaborate? It’s unidentified because barely anyone knows it and appreciates it. And marvel? It’s marvelous. So very marvelous indeed but people fail to see it. How is it marvelous? Look at it. Look at the landscape, look at this way everything is formed look at the people and their bodies, their brain, the food chain and that’s only on the small scale that is Planet Earth. But what you fail to see is way beyond this scope. I don’t want to talk about God, who and what is God. This is not why I’m writing right now because this is a whole different discussion I wouldn’t even dare bring up. But it’s about whoever or whatever created this marvel. Whoever created it doesn’t matter, whatever created it doesn’t matter. What does matter, however, is how you appreciate it.

That’s my intro. Yes it’s all about appreciation. How is that related to the title? Well it’s obvious. You don’t appreciate anything and you demand respect for what is yours while refusing the offer of respect of what is not yours. I’m coming out of the blue, nothing makes sense, so I’ll just cut straight to the point.

I, myself, am a Christian. Whether I believe or not is not the purpose of this post. But living in a Christian community, reading the Holy Bible, and abiding by the word of God, our Christian community isn’t behaving as a Christian community should behave. You see, I hear day-by-day people talking about other religions, and to be more specific, Islam. And by people I mean us Christians.
They tend to believe that Christianity is the mother of all religions. They tend to believe that Christianity is above all religions. As a Christian I should believe that too. And I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be a Christian believer. But at the same time you cannot convince yourself and everyone else that Islam isn’t the mother of all religions, and above all religions. This is the respect and appreciation I’m talking about.

We are constantly demanding respect from Christians and none Christians, but you’re not giving Christians and none Christians the respect they deserve. Had today been last year, I most probably wouldn’t have written this but I’ve only come to this discovery now, that Muslims are at times better than Christians, and by Muslims I mean SOME Muslims, and by Christians I mean SOME Christians.

Jesus himself said that whoever is not with us, is not against us. Jesus himself said that we should love everyone like we love ourselves and Jesus himself told us that we should only worship God. But don’t they as well? You mock them when they say “Allahu Akbar”, well guess what? HE IS! GOD IS GREAT and Allahu indeed is Akbar. You mock them when they say “La ilah ella Allah”, well there’s no God other than God himself so why on earth are you mocking that? Why don’t you just respect the fact that they also believe in God just like you? They just believe in him differently!

Our religion states that Jesus was crucified, he died and resurrected 3 days later. We believe that our Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus without a sexual intercourse. According to science none of that is possible but we still believe that because of something called faith, and something called Respect, respect for our religion.

Their religion states that the Qur’an was “Munzal” descended from the sky, as far as my knowledge serves me. Their belief isn’t any less mythical than ours so why should we mock them? You don’t have to believe in what they believe in but at the very least respect what they believe in, just like you want them to respect what you believe in.

You want them to respect you? Respect them back.

That was my Christmas prayer.


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