Who are you?

Warning: Some of you might find this rather boring and may not feel concerned, feel free to not read, but then again, it’s my own opinion.

A week ago, I was out with one of the dearest people I know, someone who the term friend would be an understatement for, and as he was going through my blog, he asked me “Who are you?”
I just sat there wondering what the actual hell is wrong with this guy for asking this? Then he proceeded by asking me to write a post, describing who I am. Well this is to answer your question and some other people’s questions.

Such a question can never be answered objectively, as no one will have the ability to judge themselves by not taking his own side and only showing their bad side, they cannot stress on their bad side as much as they would stress on their good side, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Long story short? I have no idea.

How’s that? Well from my personal point of view, the entire world is a mystery, life on Earth is a mystery, everyone you know is a mystery and your own self is a mystery by itself. And that’s not weird at all. What else is there in life, if you know everything? Nothing. It gets boring. Once you finish a game, you don’t play it anymore. If you know yourself to the fullest, what else is there to be anxious about for the next day, the next hour or even the next minute? Nothing. But until this certain point, I’ve discovered many good things about me as a person, and many things that are utter shit about me that would pretty much balance with my good side.

I’m someone who is honest, this is a point that almost everyone knows about me.  I can’t stress that enough, the fact that I’m honest to an extent that sometimes it ends up hurting people. Whether you look ugly or not, whether I like you or not, I make sure to let you know nice and clear. I’m not better than anyone but I also like to set myself clear.
I’m someone who is almost always happy, this is also a point that almost everyone knows about me. Whatever is going on with me, I make sure to let it go, and walk around having a smile on my face. It’s not my pretty smile that makes me want to do that but there’s nothing in this life that is worth being the reason to your frown, and to tell you the truth, no matter how upset you are, try to keep a smile on your face cause people don’t have to have their mood fucked up just because someone they’re hanging out with and they care about is upset. Showing people how upset you are is a bit selfish, so I try to reduce that as much as I can.
I’m someone who is always pumped up. No matter what or where, I spice up the mood and annoy the shit out of people but I make sure to entertain them because as much as I hate being upset, I hate it when others are.

I’m someone who may be annoying, selfish, not serious, and many many bad things, to the naked eye, and by that I mean someone who barely knows anything about me. But then again, that’s someone who barely knows anything about me and I just can’t help but enjoy the site of people’s reaction when they actually sit down and have a decent conversation with me. The site of them realizing how off their judgement was.

I am however a really fucked up person. You see, I’ve betrayed people in the past, I’ve fucked up with people in the past and the thing that gets to me the most is that some of them were the closest to me and those who meant the most to me, but I am someone who admits his mistakes once he’s fully aware of them.
I am someone who could forget so many things, who could be careless, who could not pay attention to things and who may not appreciate everything life throws at him.
Nobody is perfect and nobody is damn near it, only thing is, nobody sees how bad they are. I don’t even see how bad I am, this is only a fracture of how bad of a person I am.

What you think of is only a fracture of how bad of a person you are. See what you are and what you’re not. What you want to be and don’t want to be. What you can be and cannot be. It’s working out just fine for me and it can’t get better than this. Merry Christmas


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