Sorry not Sorry

Although the title is cheesy, I’d like to make some clarifications due to certain complaints and feedback I’ve received from you guys.

To those of you who are close to me, you know I can take criticism with a good spirit, but I cannot take insults. And I expect to be treated based on that but at the same time, I expect myself to treat you based on that. If I can’t stand an insult, I cannot insult you, or your ideology, or your belonging or your sect for that matter, which leads me to the idea behind this article.

Many readers have accused me of insulting, offending and practically attacking certain groups. I’d like to clarify that point. I do NOT attack, I do NOT offend and I most certainly do not insult. I point out matters that bother me. A person once told me “Before you go on and criticize other religions, do your own religion a favor and preach for it first. We’re not in any positions to criticize or judge others’ duties to their religion”

I agree. That person has a point, but the point that person and other similar people had missed is the fact that I do not criticize, I do not insult I do not defend I do not offend, again, I boldly, straight out, state out my opinion. And to those who think that I’m being offensive towards their specific sects, I say to you, I’m using the same, if not an even harder, tone towards my own sect. Not the sect itself, not the rules, regulations, duties, rights, demands, of that specific sect rather than the abuse, mistreatment and malfunctioning of certain individuals within these sects. Including my own sect, including myself.

Priests are not perfect, nuns are not perfect, brothers are not perfect hell the pope himself is not perfect. Jesus himself is, saints are damn near that point. You and I and the rest are as far from it as we could be. And it’s not an easy task for us to get close to it it’s a life goal. You devote your life to being perfect for a purpose. Not to satisfy your own soul but to satisfy the hierarchy that is God.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, if I you feel offended in any way by the words I say, just know that the words I’m throwing at you, I’ve thrown at myself at the same exact moment. The accusations I’ve thrown at you, I’ve thrown them at myself and the disgust I’ve shown about you, trust that I’ve disgusted myself more than anyone has disgusted me. But that’s the beauty of civilization and keeping an open mind. Take it, learn it, love it, hate it, then change it. Instead of yelling out and going after your dignity, try to discuss it with your dignity. I for one have my dignity before all and my friends know that more than anyone but before I flash it around other people’s faces and throw punches all over the room like the animal that I’m not, assess yourself. Is the criticism correct or not? If yes, then change, try to. If not, fucking hell you might as well change my point of view and if that doesn’t work and I offend you even more, slit my throat by all means.

So to the people I’ve offended, to the people I’ve criticized, to the groups I’ve disrespected, I apologize, and you’re welcome.


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