Model United Nations? It did change my life.

Yesterday was the closing ceremony of my personal first year as a member of the MUN Secretariat, and fourth year as a member of the MUN Family.

The year 2010, my English instructor walks into class and asks “Who wants to participate in an LAU program called Model United Nations?”
Being in a French based school, 4 years ago English wasn’t people’s number one preferred language so we didn’t have many English speakers at school. I signed up and got approved right away. I had no idea what MUN is about. I had no idea what I have to do there. All I knew was spending seven Saturdays at a University I was hoping I’d be a student at.

First training session was lame.
Second training session was lame.
Third training session turned from a training session into a gather-up with people I’ve recently met.
Fourth training session turned from a training session into a running into a random girl who ended up taking a big portion of my heart until recently.
Fifth training session, sixth training session, seventh training sessions were simply Saturdays I kept anticipating just to go and see the people I’ve recently met and loved.
They turned into me sitting down and looking up to the two incredible amazing trainers who were Gods to me. I wished I was like them. I wished I was as good as them. I kept wishing and wishing. I wanted to make people feel, the way they made me feel.

I won the Participation Award. That award meant the world to me.

The following year, I became a senior, the kids who are a year younger than me joined MUN. I walked them through, helped them out. We emerged Participants. It was amazing.

The year after that I joined LAU, first year Computer Engineering Major. I had no major goal. The only goal was still MUN.
What for?
Money is nothing. It’s a volunteer work.
The CV is nothing. It has nothing to do with my field of studies.
I volunteered as an usher for the final ceremonies of GCLAUMUN and MAL, 2 weekends, 2 saturdays, 2 sundays, over 24 hours of standing up and walking around in a committee passing small pieces of paper.
Going to the global village to see the very same small serious faces that were once in suits, jumping around eating and throwing food at each other with this incredible smile on their faces.

The following year I told myself screw it. Don’t worry about the time. It’s worth it. You’ll manage. I applied for MUN. I wanted to become the people who made me who I am. I wanted to become a Trainer. I became a Trainer. I made it.
Participation Award, Check.
Getting into the Model United Nations Secretariat as a Trainer, Check.

First training session. We’re supposed to arrive on campus an hour before the training session, at 08:00 AM.
I live 10 minutes away from campus. I woke up at 6. Put on a suit and was done by 7. Got to college by 7:30 AM.
That’s how excited I was. Having prepared over and over for the training session. All I wanted was to preach those kids and give them the same feeling I had 4 years ago.

9 AM, students started showing up. My heart was pumping. What should I do? Act serious? What if they hate me for that?
Act fun? What if I make a fool out of myself?
Oh screw it I’ll just be myself.

They started walking in. “Hello, good morning, hello”
It began. I started talking, and talking, my partner starts talking and talking, I start talking and talking and I look into their eyes and see the look. The “This is amazing” look. The “I’m glad I came here” look.
First training session ended. It was amazing. Evaluations were amazing.
MY STUDENTS, were amazing.
Second training session, they started calling me by my name.
Third training session, fist bumps.
Fourth training session, stalking my twitter.
Fifth training session, they wanted us to go for dinner after the ceremony, they were hugging me and they were telling me how much they love me.

Becoming the people who made me who I am, Check.

Global village, everybody was smiling all over again, every body was dancing all over again, everybody was happy. ALL OVER AGAIN!
My smile never left my face. Seeing my delegates being happy never left my face. Walking into committees and seeing my delegates give their best. THEIR OWN Best not the committee’s best, it made my day. it made me happy. It made me want to sit on the laptop and type this out.

They walk up to me, whether they got diplomacy, Secretary General, Position Paper or Just the participation awards, I love them. I love them all equally.
A delegate walks up to me, didn’t win anything, and says “I’m sorry I didn’t make you proud
she did. She made me proud as hell. She tried, she gave it her best, she poured her heart out and she worked on it. that’s why I’m proud.
To those who won the awards, I’m happy for you. Extremely happy, but that’s for you.
To those who didn’t, I am amazingly happy for meeting every single one of you. You’re amazing. Your smiles and laughs make me want to improve, they make me want to do this all over again, they make me want to spend not 5 saturdays a year, but 50 and 500 and being careless about the rest of the world.

What I’ve taught you, memorise it, keep it in you, and when you graduate, you’re going to train alongside with me. I’m waiting for you. I’m going to miss you.

I love you, Check.


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