A Journey, between here and there…



Photo credit: http://www.dailystar.com.lb

Above, you see a checkpoint at the borders between Lebanon and Syria. What’s with this post? We’ll get there in a minute.

In my previous article, Model United Nations? It did change my lifeI told you about how I completed several goals concerning my life, inspired by past events and actions. Among those goals is something I undermined, and didn’t fully talk about. Which was meeting a few amazing people who did eventually turn my life around. People who gave me a new perspective about life and a new way of thinking, showing me that there’s more to life than just education, a degree, a job and a few hundred bucks in your pocket by the start of a month.

While training these people, a certain student was about to give a prep speech. She couldn’t. She was too nervous at the time, the atmosphere was overwhelming and she broke down into tears. Two months later she wowed me and her directors at the MUN final conference, and nowadays she tells me about how people actually want to listen to her speak, which makes me as a friend rather than a trainer and an instructor, more proud and happy than I ever was. The more I talked to her the more I got to know what an amazing person she really is.

Oh, did I mention that she’s Syrian who is now a high-school student in Lebanon and she misses her country like hell?

Yeah so I asked her to share something with me about Syria, this was her reply

Say something about Syria
Is there anything left to say?
I mean.. They’ve already said it all
All I know is. No one will do it with my heart. My passion. My poetry. My background and thoughts. No one will do it like me.
It’s a wound in the apple of my heart
It aches me everyday till it stops at a certain point where all I can feel is numbness.
I always reach that ‘what can I fucking do about it‘ point. 
One thing i can never stop doing is love it. Love it with all I have and all I ever will. Teach my kids to value and cherish every single inch of it. 
I will tell tales..I will bleed on and on..
I will cry over this wound everyday because I know that when my time comes and all that blood stops circulating in my body I will not be buried next to my loved ones
I keep thinking of my future grave i don’t know why is that
It’s just humiliating for a person to be forced to live and die where fate drops him. I’m sick of having this life that depends on time and what it holds for me.. I just believe my case is different than everyone else’s for some reason.. Probably due to the lack of knowledge and settlement
I’m going off at a tangent here
Please excuse me
I can go on days and nights talking about my love for Syria and all types of memories I have. I just choose not to. I stick to the wound metaphor because it’s all I can come up with without crying for hours. It’s a page I decided to rip for the sake of moving on.. I feel so guilty but i know that i’ll be dedicating my life to change this tragic reality.
I will bleed.. But I will heal..”


Can you relate to this person? Do you have a story you’d like to share? Send us an e-mail at unidentifiedmarvel@gmail.com, and we will make sure you stay anonymous unless you wish otherwise.


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