To his Excellency, President General Michel Suleiman…

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Today, the 25th of May, 2014, marks the end of a great era. The era that is the reign, of the 12th president, over Great Lebanon.

Today is the day فخامة الرئيس العماد ميشال سليمان leaves the presidential palace, and comes back to the town that has loved him long before he became president, long before he became general, that has loved him long before he made the decision that he wanted to serve the country. Today is the day he comes back to Amchit.

Who is he? He is a husband to a beautiful well-respected well-known lady, Wafaa. Together, they gave birth to three successful children, and together, from 2008 up until 2014, they took care of over three and a half million people all across Lebanon.
Graduate of the Lebanese University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Administrative Sciences, he joined the military and began serving his country at the age of 19, graduated from the military school as a 2nd Lieutenant, and worked his way up to eventually become the Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Awarded, honored, and well decorated with over 15 medals and recognitions, he went on and succeeded Former President, General Emile Lahoud, and became, himself the President of Lebanon.

Now that we’re done with introducing that great man, even though words would not be enough, I would like to say a few words of my own. To you, Mister President.

تحية طيبة وبعد،

You, Sir, have been sitting on that chair for the past six years, putting up with people’s nonsense and yet going.
You , Sir, have been listening to complaints from locals about how this country is going down the drain.
You, Sir, have been watching your own men, the people we’ve elected, betray their own country, their own people, and you bit your lip and held it together.
You, Sir, have been the tied up Iron Fist, wanting to put your foot down but not having the resources needed for it.
You, Sir, have wanted to do so much more to this country, but your hands were tied, and yet you kept on trying.

For that, Sir, I would like to say

Thank you, Mister President, for the last 6 years of your life, spent serving your country from a chair that has been contaminated by many.
Thank you, Mister President, for doing your best to cleanse that chair and give it back the honor and pride it really deserves.
Thank you, Mister President, for putting up with people’s criticism, people who think being President is an easy task, people who assume that they could do it any day, people who assume that they could be a better president, where the truth is that, they were not able to elect a proper senator, let alone be president.

Thank you, General, for the spending 41 years, putting your life at risk, putting your family at risk, to keep this country as safe as you could.
Thank you, General, for raising generations and generations, teaching them the true value of our beloved military’s motto – Honor – Sacrifice – Loyalty.

You have made Amchit proud, you have made Amchit beautiful. You have made Amchit what Amchit is today. Our municipality has its strength coming from you, its motivation coming from you. Our inspiration IS you.

Thank you, Mister President General, for being President General, Michel Suleiman.

عشتم، عاشت الديمقراطية، عاشت السيادة، عاش الشرف، التضحية، الوفاء، وعاش لبنان


2 thoughts on “To his Excellency, President General Michel Suleiman…

  1. He did not make Amchit, he brought shame to most of it, only 10% of it is proud of him if anything it’s the ones he made a bit more rich or the ones who were blinded by the prestige and the ”papaz”
    He didn’t do anything to help the town or the municipality (The boulevard was nothing but a way to evade paying more taxes)
    Amchit is not beautiful, Amchit is not proud, he made a mess out of Amchit. The municipality lost its strength when he came.
    I admit he did some good things, but they were not enough. 6 years went down the drain along with Lebanon.
    Also it’s 4.4 million legally registered not 3.5.
    He isn’t welcomed by the majority of the ”amchititye” he’s only hailed by a few.
    Odds are he won’t be sticking around here too, his multi-million dollar mansion is waiting for him, or even his illegally obtained French passport.

    Respect out of diplomacy to HE Gen. Michel Sleiman but nothing more, he saved our asses a few times, tried to maintain some balance but nothing more, no improvements whatsoever (In general)

    Think twice before you blog something that politically incorrect.


    • Last time I checked, Amchit isn’t that big of a town and most the people I’ve been in contact with actually do appreciate the fact that he is President, or was for that matter.
      Now whether or not he fixed Amchit, he pretty much didn’t. He didn’t even have the road paved, I can tell you that.
      The only things in Amchit that were made during his period are half of the Boulevard, and the Club, both of which are named after him, which is nothing but tobyid wejj.
      I can’t disagree with you over anything you’ve just said, but I’m emphasizing the fact that he did save our asses a few times, he did try at the very least, to maintain stability and not be biased to any political party, he did stay neutral in terms of his political beliefs, to the public at the very least.
      He did not go to modes of corruption as many did. He may have done so but not to the point where everybody would talk about how his reign was full of corruption and nothing but corruption.
      His illegal French passport? I’m sure there have been more illegal acts done by prior presidents.
      His multi-million dollar mansion at Yarze, mabrook 3leh. And no, the Aamchitiyye who are proud of him being president are not only the people he has made richer, I for a fact, have gotten poorer from 2008 up until now.
      HE, personally, did not help me pay my brother’s and my 8000$ LAU Tuition fee per year, per person.
      HE, personally, did not help me buy a new car.
      HE, personally, did not help me get a job or an internship.
      HE, personally, is from Amchit, but HE is president of LEBANON, not AMCHIT
      If he were going to do anything for his town, he might as well do it to all of Lebanon, rather than just Amchit. To tell you the truth had he made Amchit a marvel and left the rest of Lebanon out, I would’ve been even more pissed.

      Respect out of belief in what he did and did not do.
      “Saved our asses a few times” >> Some presidents stuck big ass rockets in our asses.
      “Tried to maintain some balance” – Well fuck that, last time I checked there was no balance while the other presidents ruled.
      “No improvements whatsoever (in general)” Have you seen the setbacks we’ve had by the previous presidents?

      Think twice, about one’s perspective, before you comment something that is socially incorrect.


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