The day I broke up with Christianity.. Modern Christianity.

Today, the 29th of March 2015, is one of the greatest days in the Christian calendar. It is the day every man, woman and child uses the penny they’ve been saving ever since Christmas, to buy a glamorous outfit they cannot afford, to impress people they cannot stand, and flood their social media timelines with photos from this fashion show. Oh, it’s also Palm Sunday.

To those who don’t know, Palm Sunday is the anniversary for Jesus Christ’s triumphal entrance to Jerusalem. Triumphal, because he spent a few decades of his life promising people that he shall save them and cleanse them. People did indeed greet Jesus not as the spiritual Massiah, but as a political leader coming to overthrow the Romans, and as such, they greeted him by placing palm branches all over his path and waving at him with these branches. Palm used to symbolize triumph, victory and power, 2000 years ago.
The following Monday marks the beginning of the week of Great Friday, which is Jesus’ path to the cross, as a sacrifice for us. Throughout the upcoming week, “Christian” people are supposed to live the pain and misery and suffer what Jesus went through at the time. Maybe not physically, but the norm has it that we turn into vegetarians for a week.

I broke up with Modern Christianity because, apparently, the beginning of “Ash Monday” or the fasting season, is also the beginning of an act that lasts about 40 days. People who turn into full saints in public, and go back to gossiping about the public, harming people and simply pressing the undo button and erase all the sacrifices they’ve made throughout the week. The Monday following Ash Monday, everybody goes back to normal, up until Palm Sunday, that’s when they go back to being Saints because “Jesus dies this week, we have to fast”. Then the Great Friday, the day of Jesus’ death, comes, and then again these people march around a certain church for a while, pray for a while, then on Sunday it’s fancy shmancy all over again, and life goes back to normal once the play is over.

Three types of people will be reading this article:

1- Those who don’t really care about religion, who happen to be people I respect.
2- Those who are an exact application of the above, and choose to acknowledge what they’ve just read and actually see their mistake.
3- And those who are going to get pissed because this has offended them very deeply and they feel like they’ve done nothing wrong.

To the third group of people, I ask you to take it easy on me. I’m not a critic and God knows I’m not better than anyone of you. I’m simply a pissed off Christian who changed his mind about going to church today after seeing girls and women running late for the service because they haven’t finished putting on their makeup, after seeing boys and men running late for the service because they haven’t washed their car yet. I’m simply a pissed off Christian who changed his mind about going to church today after realizing that church and the word of God, the Bible, Jesus’ sacrificed flesh and blood, are no longer on top of your list, and are now below your personal appearance.

I’m not pissed off because everyone is getting dressed up for a major event, trust me that is most definitely not the case. God created beauty and you might as well enhance that beauty which I so happen to cherish and appreciate. I’m pissed off because Jesus himself is no longer the purpose of your Christianity.

This is not me criticizing everyone out there. I have nothing against those who don’t fast at all because they see no point in fasting, for that matter I respect the fact that they’ve stopped doing it because they’re not feeling it, rather than just going with the flow.

I’ve made that mistake before, I’ve pretended, I’ve dressed up, I’ve gone to that fashion show myself. But that has never brought me real comfort and happiness. That has never brought me the peace of mind I was looking for. So take it from someone who knows, get back to your senses, next year, try fasting the whole season. Try sacrificing meat, chocolate, milk, cheese, chicken, your own body’s health temporarily for a man who died for each and every single one of your souls. You won’t be harming yourself. There are a lot of alternative sources of proteins and minerals that you get from your normal consumption of meat, no one ever died because they fasted. I beg you, don’t do it because you have to, do it because you want to. Do it because you want to satisfy your Lord and savior. Do it because you want it to be done because it is the least you could do. Do it because this is what brings you closer to Jesus and God. Do it because it is your duty as a Christian. Do it because he did it for you. Once you do that, you get yourself back on the right track, and Jesus’ resurrection will no longer be just another holiday, it’ll be one of the best feelings you can ever have.

As for the first group of people reading this, sorry for the long post.


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