Kingdom of Heaven

What is heaven? What is hell? Who is God? What is Christianity? What is Islam?
What is religion?

Those are the questions I’ve been asked, and have been asking myself during the years, and I could never find the answer to them. Such questions are greater than either one of us, they’re beyond our perspective.
As a Christian I get asked, is Islam the wrong way?
Billions of people cannot be mistaken.
As a Christian I ask myself, is Christianity the right way?
Billions of people cannot be mistaken.
As a believer I get asked, does God exist?
Billions of people cannot be mistaken.

Okay, billions and billions cannot be mistaken but what about the rest of them who think otherwise? What about those who are skeptical? What about those who don’t know what to think and what not to think? What about you and I?

I, for one, am not qualified to answer that question, am not equipped with enough knowledge to even discuss that question. But I do know something called faith. What is faith? I don’t know. What causes it? I don’t know. How do you know it’s there? it just is.

Those questions have been bothering me throughout the years until I watched a movie, the Kingdom of Heaven, and one of those characters said the following;


“I put no stock in religion.

By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god.

I have seen too much religion in the eyes of too many murderers.

Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and goodness.

What god desires is here (points to head) and here (points to heart)
and what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man – or not.”

 – Hospitaler

This statement made everything clear to me, and it explains itself. The movie stated that at the time of the crusaders the pope himself ordered for the killing of “infidels” and each Christian had his own definition, to qualify who’s an infidel and who is not. That was wrong.
Murder of innocent Muslims in that era was being conducted because some Christians would think it’s the path to find Heaven, just because the pope said so. But that wasn’t the case at all.
In most my posts you see me offending my own religion. I’m not, I’m only pointing out the downsides of my religion so that people from my own religion could notice them and stop those downsides.

So after reading that post. What is religion? It’s something you create by yourself. It’s your own rules and regulations towards life. It’s what you decide to do and what you decide not to do in order to go into heaven.
What is heaven? It’s your clear conscience. It’s you feeling good about yourself and having the thought of accomplishing all your duties to be done as a human being. You define that by yourself, for yourself and should you spread your ideology, suggest it, rather than enforce it.

That, to me, is religion, is faith, is heaven, is Christianity, is Islam, is God and everything that is beyond our expectations.

Whether you’re a Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or anything for that matter, if you’re feeling good about yourself, deep down your conscience tells you you’re Good Guy Greg, then there’s nothing for you to be worried about.

I’d be more than happy to listen to your own version of this.

Thank you.


دولة العراق في لبنان ترحب بكم

Battle of the Hotels
Hundred days war
Battle of Zahle
حرب الجبل
حرب المخيمات

All of these in less than a hundred years. Hundreds of thousands killed and massacred. And we haven’t had enough. 2012, the beginning of the shock of the Syrian revolt, taking place in Tripoli, then in Saida, then in Akkar, then in Beirut, then all over Lebanon, people died. People are dying and people will die.
Every time a bomb explodes, you people change your profile pictures to the Lebanese flag with a black stripe.
You flood your facebook statuses and twitter timelines with posts about how you hate this country and the leaders.
You talk relentlessly about the shitty situation we’re living.
You keep saying we should we have to and we will. They can’t they shouldn’t and we won’t let them.

Every time an attack against the Lebanese army happens, you people change your profile pictures to the Lebanese Armed Forces flag.
You flood your facebook statuses and twitter timelines with posts about how you hate this country and the terrorists.
You talk relentlessly about unity and standing together with the army in the face of terrorism and Irhab.
You blame one political party.
You blame the parliament.
You blame the people.
You blame the community.
You blame everyone.

Have you ever blamed yourself? I haven’t. Not until now.
I keep talking about how I can’t wait to get the hell out of this shithole of a country, and then someplace witnesses an explosion, TV stations rush to the scenes just to be the first station to disrespectfully show you someone’s remains, or someone screaming of agony without helping them and letting their loved ones know, in this harsh way, that their relative is dead or dying and no one is doing anything to help him.

Every time something happens, everyone is the champion in making posts, blogging, just like myself eh. Everyone is the world’s greatest public speaker. And apparently, you guys have the “Actions speak louder than words” quote figured all wrong. See everyone thinks it’s the other way around because we talk and talk and talk and do nothing.

People are dying, people will always die but it’s up to you to diminish the death toll. 2 weeks ago, the teenage kid who died, whose name I forgot and probably most of you did, could have found the cure for cancer for all I care.
They say you don’t know what’s going to happen to this country and what’s going to happen is going to happen whether we like it or not? Well guess what, WE, are what has happened, is happening and will always be happening to this country. it’s our job and duty to change it into what we want.

So instead of blaming Hizbullah for their involvement in Syria, and blaming 14 March for blaming Hizbullah, and blaming and blaming and blaming, blame yourself for once. Vote for those who you think are suitable for this country, not those who will fix the pavement in front of your house 2 days before the elections. Think smart. Or at the very least just think. Nothing’s going to change tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or the day after that. But by the time you get married and have your own babies, someone will be giving a speech about how good of a country Lebanon is, since it’s النافذة الوحيدة على الشرق الأوسط من البحر المتوسط , people will be talking about how Lebanon is better than just سويسرا الشرق and people will be talking about things beyond a tramway.
That doesn’t matter, just make sure you do this for your brother who will be graduating a year from now, who will most probably be working in Beirut and who might be a clueless victim of one of these terrorist attacks. Just because he’s “Collateral Damage” serving for someone else’s “Cause”.

If you’re leaving this country sooner or later, الله يوفقكن, just make sure you don’t die before you leave it.

عشتم، عاشت الديمقراطية، عاشت دماء الشهداء وعاش لبنان

Who are you?

Warning: Some of you might find this rather boring and may not feel concerned, feel free to not read, but then again, it’s my own opinion.

A week ago, I was out with one of the dearest people I know, someone who the term friend would be an understatement for, and as he was going through my blog, he asked me “Who are you?”
I just sat there wondering what the actual hell is wrong with this guy for asking this? Then he proceeded by asking me to write a post, describing who I am. Well this is to answer your question and some other people’s questions.

Such a question can never be answered objectively, as no one will have the ability to judge themselves by not taking his own side and only showing their bad side, they cannot stress on their bad side as much as they would stress on their good side, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Long story short? I have no idea.

How’s that? Well from my personal point of view, the entire world is a mystery, life on Earth is a mystery, everyone you know is a mystery and your own self is a mystery by itself. And that’s not weird at all. What else is there in life, if you know everything? Nothing. It gets boring. Once you finish a game, you don’t play it anymore. If you know yourself to the fullest, what else is there to be anxious about for the next day, the next hour or even the next minute? Nothing. But until this certain point, I’ve discovered many good things about me as a person, and many things that are utter shit about me that would pretty much balance with my good side.

I’m someone who is honest, this is a point that almost everyone knows about me.  I can’t stress that enough, the fact that I’m honest to an extent that sometimes it ends up hurting people. Whether you look ugly or not, whether I like you or not, I make sure to let you know nice and clear. I’m not better than anyone but I also like to set myself clear.
I’m someone who is almost always happy, this is also a point that almost everyone knows about me. Whatever is going on with me, I make sure to let it go, and walk around having a smile on my face. It’s not my pretty smile that makes me want to do that but there’s nothing in this life that is worth being the reason to your frown, and to tell you the truth, no matter how upset you are, try to keep a smile on your face cause people don’t have to have their mood fucked up just because someone they’re hanging out with and they care about is upset. Showing people how upset you are is a bit selfish, so I try to reduce that as much as I can.
I’m someone who is always pumped up. No matter what or where, I spice up the mood and annoy the shit out of people but I make sure to entertain them because as much as I hate being upset, I hate it when others are.

I’m someone who may be annoying, selfish, not serious, and many many bad things, to the naked eye, and by that I mean someone who barely knows anything about me. But then again, that’s someone who barely knows anything about me and I just can’t help but enjoy the site of people’s reaction when they actually sit down and have a decent conversation with me. The site of them realizing how off their judgement was.

I am however a really fucked up person. You see, I’ve betrayed people in the past, I’ve fucked up with people in the past and the thing that gets to me the most is that some of them were the closest to me and those who meant the most to me, but I am someone who admits his mistakes once he’s fully aware of them.
I am someone who could forget so many things, who could be careless, who could not pay attention to things and who may not appreciate everything life throws at him.
Nobody is perfect and nobody is damn near it, only thing is, nobody sees how bad they are. I don’t even see how bad I am, this is only a fracture of how bad of a person I am.

What you think of is only a fracture of how bad of a person you are. See what you are and what you’re not. What you want to be and don’t want to be. What you can be and cannot be. It’s working out just fine for me and it can’t get better than this. Merry Christmas

To the Depressed and Suicidal: I Know How It Feels

This guy deserves a medal

Seth Adam Smith

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to write this open letter. If someone you know is struggling with depression, or suicidal thoughts, please share this letter with them. I hope it helps.

To all that are struggling with depression,

I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are or where you’re from. I don’t know your background, nor do I know your unique circumstances. I don’t know if your depression is the result of your genetic disposition, or if it is caused by something terrible that happened to you in your past. I don’t know if you’re going through a major change in your life or if you’re struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one.

There are a lot of things about your fight with depression that I simply don’t know.

But let me tell you a few things that I do know.


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You don’t get what you don’t giveback

You know what the ironic thing about my blog is? It’s called “unidentified marvel” yet I keep talking about how crappy and not-marvelous, this world is. To those wondering what I meant by unidentified, it’s this place. This community this place and this world. Elaborate? It’s unidentified because barely anyone knows it and appreciates it. And marvel? It’s marvelous. So very marvelous indeed but people fail to see it. How is it marvelous? Look at it. Look at the landscape, look at this way everything is formed look at the people and their bodies, their brain, the food chain and that’s only on the small scale that is Planet Earth. But what you fail to see is way beyond this scope. I don’t want to talk about God, who and what is God. This is not why I’m writing right now because this is a whole different discussion I wouldn’t even dare bring up. But it’s about whoever or whatever created this marvel. Whoever created it doesn’t matter, whatever created it doesn’t matter. What does matter, however, is how you appreciate it.

That’s my intro. Yes it’s all about appreciation. How is that related to the title? Well it’s obvious. You don’t appreciate anything and you demand respect for what is yours while refusing the offer of respect of what is not yours. I’m coming out of the blue, nothing makes sense, so I’ll just cut straight to the point.

I, myself, am a Christian. Whether I believe or not is not the purpose of this post. But living in a Christian community, reading the Holy Bible, and abiding by the word of God, our Christian community isn’t behaving as a Christian community should behave. You see, I hear day-by-day people talking about other religions, and to be more specific, Islam. And by people I mean us Christians.
They tend to believe that Christianity is the mother of all religions. They tend to believe that Christianity is above all religions. As a Christian I should believe that too. And I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be a Christian believer. But at the same time you cannot convince yourself and everyone else that Islam isn’t the mother of all religions, and above all religions. This is the respect and appreciation I’m talking about.

We are constantly demanding respect from Christians and none Christians, but you’re not giving Christians and none Christians the respect they deserve. Had today been last year, I most probably wouldn’t have written this but I’ve only come to this discovery now, that Muslims are at times better than Christians, and by Muslims I mean SOME Muslims, and by Christians I mean SOME Christians.

Jesus himself said that whoever is not with us, is not against us. Jesus himself said that we should love everyone like we love ourselves and Jesus himself told us that we should only worship God. But don’t they as well? You mock them when they say “Allahu Akbar”, well guess what? HE IS! GOD IS GREAT and Allahu indeed is Akbar. You mock them when they say “La ilah ella Allah”, well there’s no God other than God himself so why on earth are you mocking that? Why don’t you just respect the fact that they also believe in God just like you? They just believe in him differently!

Our religion states that Jesus was crucified, he died and resurrected 3 days later. We believe that our Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus without a sexual intercourse. According to science none of that is possible but we still believe that because of something called faith, and something called Respect, respect for our religion.

Their religion states that the Qur’an was “Munzal” descended from the sky, as far as my knowledge serves me. Their belief isn’t any less mythical than ours so why should we mock them? You don’t have to believe in what they believe in but at the very least respect what they believe in, just like you want them to respect what you believe in.

You want them to respect you? Respect them back.

That was my Christmas prayer.

A portion of recent Lebanese History – 1860


“The total loss of life within the span of three months and a space of a few miles was estimated 12,000 ; the loss of property amounted to about £4,000,000. This was the season of silk crops, vital in Lebanese economy. The damage embraced churches and monasteries.” – Hitti

So I’m taking this course at college, concerning the recent history of our beloved Lebanon. Despite the fact that I actually do love history, and despite the fact that this is a rather interesting course, there’s something that I’ve found to be true, an old saying claiming that “التاريخ يعيد نفسه ”
Personally speaking, I never really knew what that meant. Personally speaking, I never was involved in politics and personally speaking I couldn’t care less about politics. But I can’t help, as anyone else I hope, but notice the unfortunate events that are taking place in Lebanon.

The quote you saw at the beginning of this post, claiming that within 3 months 12 thousand souls were lost and over 4 million pounds of property were damaged. That’s a lot of money for the 19th century and whether a single person died or 12 thousand, a lost soul is never to be taken for granted.

Anyway, either you have no idea what I’m talking about or you know everything I’m about to say, whichever the case, bare with me.

What am I really talking about? Just try to relate the past to the current situation.
Back in the 1800’s, Lebanon was consisting of mainly 2 sects. Druze Moslems and Maronite Christians. Those 2 sects never did agree.
Back in the 1800’s, Lebanon was experiencing a “partial independence”, whether it was concerning the Emirate, the Kaemmakamiyya, or the Mutasarrifiyya. For those of you who don’t know what those are, just some different lies and names for what used to be “Lebanon being under the Ottoman rule”
Back in the 1800’s, politics was played the same way it’s played now. The big fishes being nice to each other, telling their “followers”, so to say, to be “mean” to the other “followers” of the other “fishes”, long story short that is.
Those big fishes had an even bigger fish playing a role. Europe. As seen by the Christians, France was the hero, and as seen by the Druzes, Great Britain was the hero and her Majesty soon became their highness.

Long story short, statistics show that few thousand Druzes, slaughtered a solid 10 000 Christians, Maronites.I’m a Christian. I’m a Maronite. I don’t give a damn what happened 200 years ago!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, those who were celebrating our 70th independence anniversary, what are you really happy about? It’s the same thing happening all over again! The States, the commonwealth, the French and the Russians all being nice to each other and telling their bitches to screw with us, and by bitches I mean the Salafists, Al Ka’ida, and all you could think of is “I should hate this person because he’s Muslim” and all you could think of is “This guy is supporting Samir Geagea, one of Geagea’s supporters almost killed my friend’s cousin’s grandma’s father.”

This ideology should stop. If you want to celebrate your country’s independence, I think you should celebrate your first independence first. What’s your independence? Liberate yourself from the constraint that is judging others by their ideology. Liberate yourself from the constraint that is judging others by how they worship God and whether or not they worship God, whether a guy likes girls or likes guys, this is none of your business! Your business, your duty by law is providing prosperity for your country and your people.
“But my country isn’t doing its lawful duty”
Your country’s lawful duty is your duty.
Your country is you!
Stop blaming “L Dawleh” over just about everything! The Dawleh itself is you! It is by democratic constitution that we elect SOMEONE WHO DOES A GOOD JOB AT RULING THIS COUNTRY, a duty for us. But all we can see is a form of hereditary government. Maybe not the president, but who cares? The president is a puppet, whoever he is, to every other political party. And you still blame the Dawleh.

I can’t stress enough over the point of you improving yourself and your significant other before thinking of changing the Dawleh. Stop wanting to change the Dawleh. Change yourself, then the Dawleh will follow your footstep.

Think smart, instead of saying “Hal amerkene l mabhoul”, hal mabhoul is able to drink water from his toilet, because of you.
Instead of saying “Hal serlankiyyeh l san3a”, hal san3a is for the very least doing something honorable to feed her family instead of blaming people she shouldn’t blame.

You want change, I want change. Concerning me, it’s starting. When will you start?

Happy 70th independence day.


Have you read this? Have you even heard of the open letter the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, has written? I haven’t until today. His words are beautiful and his thoughts are true. Some may say it’s out of publicity and some others may say it’s for his country’s own benefits in the Middle East and Lebanon. I’m not saying otherwise. They most probably are, but why do we, Lebanese people, always have to think in a way that is not innocent and pure?
Why take his words for granted?
He may be a son of a bitch but he also may be what our country has been needing for a change, to the better. 70 Land Rovers aren’t going to stabilize our army’s arsenal or its presence in the field but the initiative counts.

If you do check the link, 166 people had replied until now, 166 people were showing their gratitude in a civilized way.
67 THOUSAND people had liked it, shared it, retweeted it and god knows what else.
I never heard a gunshot though. No one shot an RPG rocket into the sky because of what Tom Fletcher said. Wel dene ba3da b alf kheir!
Take an example here, and learn how to be civilized. If you like the speech of your so called ‘leader’ you can show gratitude in so many ways other than freaking the hell out of little kids and parents, by showing us that you have an AK 47,
and if you don’t like said ‘leader’s’ speech, you can show your disgust in ways other than shooting his supporters.

Living in a forest won’t get us anywhere. Tarzan had been running through everlasting worthless circles of being wild and savage, until British civilization, Jane that is, came to the rescue. Never have I once heard of a gun shot being the solution to anything.

We need this, Lebanon needs this. I’m sick and tired of listening to people saying stuff like “This is the 70th anniversary of having a French passport slip from our hands”
I’ve said it myself, many many times, and I’m sick of it. Not longer than a hundred years ago 12 thousand Christians and over 5 thousand Muslims killed each other, for the sake of this country, for the sake of what they thought is better, not for you to come and wish it were never here.

You want change? Be civilized, stand in line, settle your differences, preach about it, and before you know it, Swissra L Share2 will be back again.

Happy 1st independence anniversary



~Explosion at Be’r Hassan, Beirut – 19 killed

~Al Kaida adopts Be’r Hassan bombing

~Yemeni ambassador injured in Be’r Hassan bombing



I’ve been reading a history book, “The modern history of Lebanon – Kamal S. Salibi” and all I’ve been reading is Lebanese war, Lebanese disagreement, Lebanese rebellion, external interference in Lebanese affairs. All sorts of bad things, not a single sentence so far, and I mean that literally, has been to the advantage of Lebanon. What for?
We’ve been living in utter crap and mutual hate, we’ve been too busy hating on each other, because of our religion or political ideology, that we haven’t been paying attention to the Syrian refugees who need our help, to our country that needs our help due to the Syrians. We haven’t been paying attention to the fact that each day, children, women, elderly people die and no one even bats an eye. All for what? Someone wearing a cross around their neck or someone praying on Friday rather than Sunday?
And the worst part of all is that this whole dispute isn’t about different religious beliefs, it’s within the same religion. Christians fighting with Christians, Muslims fighting with Muslims, every single one of us blaming his significant other and no one bats an eye.
Everyone blames the “Dawle”, and no one even dares for change.
You’re the ones who have created that “Dawle”, you might as well stop nagging and put up with your crappy decisions and the dawle you’ve created.


“The first underlying principle of democracy is accepting the other, be it a political party, a citizen with a different opinion or a journalist expressing criticism.
It doesn’t matter if you think you are right, if you are sure you are right, what matters is they have a constitutional right to be different and we have a constitutional duty to accept it – Nicolas Sahnaoui, Minister of Telecommunications in Lebanon (11/19/2013)”


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I think his words make perfect sense.
We’re blaming them for out mistakes, but we made them. If we’re going to make things work we’re going to have to change them. Be it by striking, or by votes. Elections are the way for us to exercise what is ours by law and constitution; rule this country.
The next time you get yelled at by a soldier on a roadblock, the next time you get scammed by a bullock company, blame yourself first, change yourself second, spread that change third, and if then, that still happens, blame whoever the fuck it is you want to blame.

Today it’s Tueday, the 19th of November 2013. In exactly three days, we will be celebrating Lebanon’s 70th independence anniversary. But I’d rather not do that. Our independence isn’t ours. Our country isn’t ours and our word most certainly isn’t ours.

Once each and every single one of you, starting me, starts the change that is your own self, independence will form on its own. Once each and every single one of you, starting me, starts the spread of a neutral ideology, the ideology that states that your neighbor is your brother,
your mosque is my church, your Qur’an is my Bible and your Sheikh is my priest, that’s when democracy takes form and that’s when you’re allowed to blame someone else.
We are all sons of God, whether through the Prophet or the Messiah, we are all sons of God, we are all sons of this country, we are all one.
If we’re not one, we are none. That should be a sentence you think of every moment of your life. It will change your life. Stop being selfish, happy first independence anniversary.

As a start…

This blog, at first, was inspired by my friend, Josée. She writes anything and everything that crosses her mind on her own blog, that’s one thing, the other thing that inspired me is pretty much life. For the past 2 years, I’ve gone through everything an 18 year old could go through. I’ve gone through the worst, and I’ve gone through the best. And quite frankly the only thing that kept me going on is God.

Now you may think that I’m an ungrateful bastard who gives no credit to his friends, his family, everyone who has been there for him, but I do, and that’s my point when I said God. You see, he’s the one who controls that chess game, he controls life.


All in all, I’m sure I’m going to elaborate the ‘God’ topic later on in other posts, but for now, I just wanted to share a little something, among many things, that my doctor Maurice J. Khabbaz shared the other day on his facebook profile. Inspirational things that could really move the way you think

“In order to fly you need two things: 1) wings and 2) a long runway. Once you have your wings, you have to look for the most suitable runway. It is one that is not too short and not too long. But surely it has to be smooth, free of obstacles and has a free end. You run, as fast as you can, jump, thrust your wings and there you go up in the air. Some will try to stand in your way and delay your flights. Others will try to shoot you from ground once you’re up there. To the formers: “No matter how much you delay, time will come and I will fly!”. To the latters: “Try to shoot! I’m a good pilot with a good armor! Even if you hit me, your hits will not be enough to bring me down. Then, I’ll reach so high to where your bullets will no longer reach me.” … So all in all, instead of wasting your time trying to bring me down, take my hand and let’s fly together where no-one will reach us. A BON ENTENDEUR SALUT!!! ” ~ Maurice J. Khabbaz, Ph,D